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 JCB’s Culinary Creations provides consulting services as well as full event catering. 

Our team of professionals is led by our Executive Chef Barbara L. Callanan, a proud graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America.

We truly understand the intricacies involved in creating menu selections for those with food allergies, dietary intolerances and specialized dietary requests.

If you have found the perfect venue but not sure about its food allergy protocols...

No problem!

We will work with the staff from start to finish, covering every detail including ingredient sourcing.  

We ensure a worry-free celebration for the guest of honor and attendees to enjoy. Our experts can also be present the day of the event, to coordinate the festivities. 

Our services also include web and phone based consultations.

Let JCB make your next affair a deliciously memorable and worry-free event!  


We cater all types of events including personal chef services for intimate dinner parties.    Our menus are personally crafted for every client’s vision.  Keeping diearty requests our first and foremost focus.


JCB has a line of artisan custom designed favors and miniatures which we incorporate into our candy buffets and dessert bars.

These items can be made for those with special dietary requests and shipped anywhere. Our theme inspired confections enhance every celebration.

  1. Grunge
  2. Boo!
  3. Title 62
    Title 62
  4. Title 57
    Title 57
  5. Title 54
    Title 54
  6. Title 53
    Title 53
  7. Title 49
    Title 49
  8. Strwaberry "Pumpkins" in Cookie "Dirt"
    Strwaberry "Pumpkins" in Cookie "Dirt"
  9. School Logos
    School Logos
  10. Custom Designs
    Custom Designs
  11. Boo!
  12. Floral Themed Cupcakes
    Floral Themed Cupcakes
  13. Artisan Miniatures
    Artisan Miniatures
  14. Gluten-Free Sandwich Cookie Paws
    Gluten-Free Sandwich Cookie Paws
  15. Cupcake Magic
    Cupcake Magic
  16. Miniature Oreo™ Wedding Cake
    Miniature Oreo™ Wedding Cake
  17. Baby Blue
    Baby Blue
  18. Racy Red
    Racy Red
  19. Mother's Day
    Mother's Day
  20. Easter Treats
    Easter Treats
  21. Hand Crafted with Love
    Hand Crafted with Love
  22. Satin Bows
    Satin Bows
  23. Rose Cupcake
    Rose Cupcake
  24. Showers Happiness
    Showers Happiness
  25. Chocolate Dipped Mint Shortbread Cookies
    Chocolate Dipped Mint Shortbread Cookies
  26. Autum
  27. Sugar Cookie and Fondant Boots
    Sugar Cookie and Fondant Boots
  28. Assorted Truffles
    Assorted Truffles
  29. Swirls
  30. Day of Beauty!
    Day of Beauty!
  31. Silver Embossed Truffles
    Silver Embossed Truffles
  32. Perfume "Bottles"
    Perfume "Bottles"
  33. Lord and Taylor Charity Day
    Lord and Taylor Charity Day
  34. We loves shoes!
    We loves shoes!
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